Tlurk (tlurk.com) is a unique and innovative Free Speech platform that provides users with the opportunity to create their own chats and timelines. This platform is designed to encourage open and unrestricted communication, allowing individuals to freely express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Built by one man. 100% hand-made.
No ads, no third-party cookies, no megacorp's analytics, no tracking.
Not collecting or selling any personal information.
Pure user-oriented platform as it should be.
Welcome back to the era of the True Internet.

The next three paragraphs are written for dumb search engines.

One of the key features of Tlurk is the ability for users to create their own chats. This feature promotes community building and fosters an environment where individuals can connect with others who share their passions and viewpoints.

In addition to creating chats, Tlurk also allows users to create timelines. Timelines are a way for individuals to share updates, news, and important events with their followers. This feature enhances the overall user experience on Tlurk by providing a space where individuals can curate and share content that is meaningful to them.

Overall, Tlurk is a powerful Free Speech platform. By offering this level of freedom and flexibility, Tlurk encourages open dialogue and facilitates meaningful connections between individuals. Whether it's engaging in discussions or sharing updates through timelines, Tlurk provides a space where individuals can exercise their right to Free Speech without limitations or fear of censorship.

The rules are simple:
— You must be over 13 years old
— Don't break the law
— Respect other people's opinions
— Parody chats and accounts should be marked with [parody] in their names (in square brackets)
— Fake accounts and chats pretending to be official will be terminated / deleted
— Any porn account or chat will be terminated / deleted

Private chats
The service allows you to create both public and private chats.
Public chats are available to everyone on the Internet, and anyone registered on the site can write in them.
Private chats are only visible to those you send the link to.
Moreover, regardless of chat type, access to chat can be password protected.

There are no restrictions on the number of simultaneously chatting users.

Each chat has several tabs. These are: Chat, Direct, Favs, and Settings.
The first four are different filters of the current chat:
- Chat is the main channel where all messages go;
- Direct – here you can find messages addressed to you in the current chat;
- Favs – any message in the chat can be marked as favorites by clicking the star. Messages marked in this way are displayed on this tab. This is a kind of bookmarks.

@username and ^chatname tags are supported in the text of messages.
By indicating the user's nickname with the @ sign (@username) in the message, you will make it a addressed message. You can find messages addressed to you on the “Direct” tab of the current chat. However, remember: each chat has its own direct channel, which does not contain messages addressed to you from other chats.
Direct message can be sent simultaneously to ten recipients.
Also, direct messages are not private. They are visible to everyone in the chat, just like regular messages.

The ^chatname tag will be converted to a link to the corresponding chat, where "chatname" is the name of the chat specified in the "link" field (in this case tlurk.com/c/chatname);

Privacy policy
To use Tlurk you need to have an account, and to create an account, you need to provide certain information. Basically, certain information is necessary if you want to use Tlurk.

If you create an account, you must provide us with some information so that Tlurk can provide its services to you. This includes a display name (for example, “Eke”); a username (for example, @eke); and password.
Your profile information, which includes your display name, username and bio is always public, but you can use either your real name or a pseudonym. And remember, you can create multiple Tlurk accounts, for example, to express different parts of your identity, professional or otherwise.

When you set your preferences using your account settings, we collect that information so that we can respect your preferences.

Cookies policy
Like many websites, Tlurk use cookies to operate its services.
Cookies provide you with a better, faster, and safer experience on Tlurk.

Specifically, Tlurk uses cookies to:
— Keep you logged in
— Deliver features and functionality

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